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Alpha Omega, by Nicholas BowlingThe Book of Malachi, by TC FarrenAll the Stars and Teeth, by Adalyn GraceDragon Age: Tevinter Nights (anthology), edited by Chris BainAnna Dracula 1999: Daikaiju, by Kim NewmanNVK, by Temple DrakeSkein Island, by Aliya Whiteley

Ghostbusters, the original movie novelizations omnibusSpider-Man: The Venom FactorThe X-Men and the Avengers: Gamma QuestInfinite Stars (anthology)

Typesetting/design and OCR
paperback, royal / b-format, fiction

No Modernism Without Lesbians, by Diana SouhamiThree Years In Hell, by Fintan O'TooleThe Supernova Era, by Cixin LiuThe Insta Food Diet, by Pixie TurnerWe Robots (anthology), by Simon IngsDemocracy for Sale, by Peter GeogheganOf Ants and Dinosaurs, by Cixin Liu

The Sum of All Shadows, by Eric van LustbaderLakeland, by Hunter DaviesLoved, by PC and Kristin CastFashionopolis, by Dana ThomasProvidence Lost, by Paul LayBackstop Land, by Glenn PattersonBroken Stars, by Ken Liu

The Crew, by David PriceWolf Pack, by CJ BoxHappiness and Tears, by Louis BarfeSiege of Stone, by Terry GoodkindThe Cabin in the Mountains, by Robert FergusonPrayer for the Living, by Ben OkriUltra, by Tobias Jones

Orcadia, by Mark EdmondsThe Cruel Stars, by John BirminghamWhat do Animals Think and Feel? by Karsten BrensingGardening for the Zombie Apocalypse, by Isabel Lloyd and Phil ClarkeAt The Jerusalem, by Paul BaileyThe Bad Place, by MK HillCrusaders, by Dan Jones

The Redemption of Time, by BaoshuThe Colour of Time (paperback), by Dan Jones and Marina AmaralHeroic Failure (update), by Fintan O'TooleThe Tigress of Forli, by Elizabeth Lev13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl, by Mona AwadBunny, by Mona AwadThe Wars of the Roses, by Hugh Bicheno

Ball Lightning, by Cixin LiuJudgment, by Joseph FinderProgress vs Parasites, by Douglas CarswellThe Shape of Things to Come, by Druin BurchThe Friendship Formula, by  Caroline MillingtonAn Unravelling, by Elske RahillCatherine The Great, by Robert K Massie

The Last Princess, by Matthew DennisonOutside the Gates of Eden, by Lewis ShinerMary Kate, by Nadine DorriesWorking With Winston, by Cita StelzerDaughter of the Tide, by Leah FlemingIn the Heart of the Garden, by Leah FlemingThe Wedding Dress Maker, by Leah Fleming

Shadow King, by Lauren JohnsonBegging To Die, by Graham MastertonFrederick The Second, by Ernst KantorowiczBadass Baby Names, by Marvella NomineRadicalized, by Cory DoctorowCan Medicine Be Cured? Seamus O'MahonyHeroic Failure, by Fintan O'Toole

Confession With Blue Horses, by Sophie HardachThe No Need To Diet Book, by Pixie TurnerThe Little Book of Planting TreesWorking With Winston, by Cita StelzerWild Women, edited by Mariella FrostrupWakenhyrst, by Michelle PaverLife Support, by Julia Copus

A Time For New DreamsThe Listeners, by Anthony J QuinnThe Fens, by Francis PryorThe Diviners, by Margaret LaurenceFour Dominions, by Eric Van LustbaderThe Scribbly Man, by Terry GoodkindDeath of an Eye, by Dana Stabenow

The Comic Destiny, by Ben OkriThe Olive Garden Choir, by Leah FlemingMental, by Steve Ellen and Catherine Deveny100 STORIES, edited by Daisy DunnDeath Notice, by Zhou HaohuiGirl 38, by Ewa JozefkowiczThe Freedom Artist, by Ben Okri

Oscar: A Life, by Matthew SturgisDarling Winston, by David LoughThe Story of Crossrail, by Christian WolmarEternal Boy, by Matthew DennisonFor the Love of a Dog, by Amanda BrookfieldAfter the Peace, by Fay WeldonThe Warburgs, by Ron Chernow

The Girl in the Pink Raincoat, by Alrene HughesThe Battle of the Four Courts, by Michael FewerHow To Fall In Love Again, by Amanda ProwseDeath of a She Devil, by Fay WeldonKindfulness, by Caroline MillingtonFound In Translation, edited by Frank WynneA Genial Senior's Guide to Ageing, by Peter Buckman

Am I Ugly? by Michelle ElmanWhat We Have Lost, by James Hamilton-PatersonShadows in Heaven, by Nadine DorriesThe Meg, by Steve AltenBlood Ties, by Ben CraneWhy Will No One Publish My Novel? by Fay WeldonTeethmarks on My Tongue, by Eileen Battersby

Woman of Substances, by Jenny ValentishThe Encircling Sea, by Adrian GoldsworthyKilling Time, by Mark RobertsThe Insomnia Museum, by Laurie CancianiMe Mam, Me Dad, Me, by Malcolm DuffyDead Men Whistling, by Graham MastertonAn Inconvenient Death, by Miles Goslett

The Death Chamber, by Lesley ThomsonLittle Woodford, by Catherine JonesGenome, by A.G. RiddleMiss Mary's Daughter, by Diney CosteloeThe King is Dead, by Suzannah LipscombCow, by Beat SterchiEstoril, by Dejan Tiago Stankovic

Theo, by Amanda ProwseAnna, by Amanda ProwseThe Jumping Game, by Henrietta KnightSeven Surrenders, by Ada PalmerBecause I Said So, by Shari LowParadise Valley, by C.J. BoxCultural Dementia, by David Andress

Remembrance of Earth's Past, by Cixin LiuToo Like the Lightning, by Ada PalmerHattie's Home, by Mary GibsonScourge of Wolves, by David GilmanA Different Class of Murder, by Laura ThompsonNorton's Philosophical Memoirs, by Håkan Nesser

The Country Set, by Fiona WalkerMe Mam, Me Dad, Me, by Malcolm DuffyThat Girl, by Kate KerriganThe Secret Surfer, by Iain GatelyBreakout at Stalingrad, by Heinrich GerlachUndertow, by Anthony J. QuinnThe Fallen, by Eric Van Lustbader

Like Lions, by Brian PanowichThe Note, by Zoe FolbiggWe're Asleep Dad, by Simon KeyCity of Oranges, by Adam LeBorThe Story of the Great British Bake Off, by Anita SinghEighteen Below, by Stefan AhnhemThe Wild Road, by Gabriel King

A Kingdom Falls, by John Owen TheobaldThe Cow, by Beat SterchiThe Dead, by Mark OldfieldChristmas Angels, by Nadine DorriesDictatorland, by Paul KenyonPandemic, by A.G. RiddleDeath's Mistress, by Terry Goodkind

The Bourne Initiative, by Eric Van LustbaderNonesuch, by Gabriel KingThis is Not A Sex BookTremarnock Summer, by Emma BurstallThe Dandy At Dusk, by Philip MannThe Dark Isle, by Clare CarsonThe Knot Garden, by Gabriel King

After Ireland, by Declan KiberdGood Money, by Jonathan SelfGentlemen and Sledgers, by Rob SmythBehind Her Back, by Jane LythellSilk and Song, by Dana StabenowIn White Ink, by Elske RahillIn The Dark, by Andreas Pflüger

False Lights, by K.J. WhittakerGlasgow, by Michael FryThe Cross and The Curse, by Matthew HarffyThe Snow Angel, by Lauren St JohnThe Beast, by Alexander StarrittThe Death of the Fronsac, by Neal AschersonThe Mothers of Lovely Lane, by Nadine Dorries

Joyce In Court, by Adrian HardimanNephilim, by John and Carole BarrowmanA Jigsaw of Fire and Stars, by Yaba BadoeThe Story of Our Life, by Shari LowRebel, by Douglas CarswellHow Trump Thinks, by Peter Oborne and Tom RobertsThe Big Wind, by Beatrice Coogan

Death's End, by Cixin LiuThe Room By The Lake, by Emma DibdinThe Dog Walker, by Lesley ThomsonLess Than A Treason, by Dana StabenowThe Serpent Sword, by Matthew HarffyDay of The Dead, by Mark RobertsMy Husband's Wives, by Faith Hogan

Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings, by Wendy HoldenPachinko, by Min Jin LeeGuns of Empire, by Django WexlerCalling Us Home, by Chris LüttichauAny Minute Now, by Eric Van LustbaderSwimming With Seals, by Victoria WhitworthThe Four Streets Saga, by Nadine Dorries

Death of a She Devil, by Fay WeldonThe Children of Lovely Lane, by Nadine DorriesWhat the Raven Brings, by John TheobaldStiletto, by Daniel O'MalleyAnd I'd Do It Again, by Aimée CrockerFind Me, by JS MonroeThe Dark Forest, by Cixin Liu

Road Kill, by Hanna JamesonThe White Hare, by Michael FishwickWhat Next, by Daniel HannanMay We Borrow Your Language? by Philip GoodenIt Was Only Ever You, by Kate KerriganThe Wandering Earth, by Cixin LiuJack The Ripper, edited by Otto Penzer

Bone Meal For Roses, by Miranda SherryScandinavians, by Robert FergusonTrespass, by Anthony J. QuinnWhen Ideas Matter, by Michael D. HigginsThe Bourne Enigma, by Eric Van LustbaderI Won't Be Home for Christmas, by Amanda ProwseOff the Grid, C.J. Box

The Paper Menagerie, by Ken LiuFaded Glory, by David EssexAn Incidental Death, by Alex HowardThe New Neighbours, by Diney CosteloeThe Borrowed, by Chan Ho-KeiThe Cornish Guest House, by Emma BurstallHouse of Snow, by Ranulph Fiennes

The Brother, by Joakim ZanderThe Travelling Companion, by Ian RankinMy Husband's Wife, by Amanda ProwseParis Spring, by James NaughtieThe Secrets of Gaslight Lane, by MRC KasasianThe Saltmarsh, by Clare CarsonThe Valley, by John Renehan

The Mulberry Bush, by Charles McCarryThe Last Horseman, by David GilmanWhy Vote Leave, by Daniel HannanThe Way We Die Now, by Seamus O'MahonySherlock, by Otto PenzlerThe House With No Rooms, by Lesley ThomsonThe Lost Island, by Preston and Child

Daughter of the Wolf, by Victoria WhitworthDead Silent, by Mark RobertsCivvy Street, by Fiona FieldThe Death of All Things Seen, by Michael CollinsLife in a Cold Climate, by Laura ThompsonTake Six Girls, by Laura ThompsonThe Lost Soldier, by Diney Costeloe

Take Six Girls, by Laura ThompsonBull Mountain, by Brian PanowichThe Three-Body Problem, by Cixin LiuHand of God, by Philip KerrFalse Nine, by Philip KerrThe 20,000 Thieves, by Eric LambertThe Four Streets, by Nadine Dorries

Crimson Shore, by Preston and ChildWhite Fire, by Preston and ChildThree-and-a-half Heartbeats, by Amanda ProwseThe Exile, by Mark OldfieldThe Christmas Café, by Amanda ProwseDragon's Lair, by Sharon PenmanCruel as the Grave, by Sharon Penman

The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor, by Elizabeth NortonWine of Violence, Priscilla RoyalTyrant of the Mind, by Priscilla RoyalSorrow Without End, by Priscilla RoyalThe Dress, by Kate KerriganKohima, by Arthur SwinsonAdmiral Collingwood, by Max Adams

Rupert Brooke, by Nigel JonesThe Trial of Socrates, by I.F. StoneBlood Mist, by Mark RobertsHoly Fox, by Andrew RobertsDangerous Love, Ben OkriAstonishing the Gods, by Ben OkriIn Arcadia, by Ben Okri

A Way of Being Free, by Ben OkriThe Fixer, by Joseph FinderSuspicion, by Joseph FinderBorder Angels, by Anthony J. QuinnThe Atlantis Gene, by A.G. RiddleThe Atlantis World, by A.G. RiddleBritain in 1914, by Nigel Jones

How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, by Chris TaylorPaper Cuts, by Colin BatemanBadlands, by C.J. BoxIn the Name of Love, by Patrick SmithThe Atlantis Plague, by A.G. RiddleSilence, by Anthony J. QuinnThe Sisters of St Croix, by Diney Costeloe

The Ladies of Missalonghi, by Colleen McCulloughThe Heart of the Country, by Fay WeldonThe Runaway Family, by Diney CosteloeTo Fight For, by Phillip HunterFemale Friends, by Fay WeldonThe Queen's Man, by Sharon PenmanThe Christmas Mysteries, by Otto Penzler

Premier League, by Jim WhiteThe Golden Cat, by Gabriel KingFree Food for Millionaires, by Min Jin LeeSmile of the Wolf, by Tim LeachThe Will to Battle, by Ada Palmer

Typesetting, OCR, scanning and colour section work for Clémence Jacquinet
224–912pp, hardback / paperback, royal / b-format, fiction and non-fiction

The Golovlevs, by M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, Apollo ClassicsErnesto, by Umberto Saba, Apollo ClassicsFame is the Spur, by Howard Spring, Apollo ClassicsSouth Wind, by Norman Douglas, Apollo ClassicsLetty Fox, Her Luck, by Christina Stead, Apollo ClassicsA Jest of God, by Margaret Laurence, Apollo ClassicsErewhon, by Samuel Butler, Apollo Classics

The Ice Saints, Frank Tuohy, Apollo ClassicsThe Nebuly Coat, by John Meade Falkner, Apollo ClassicsThe Man On A Donkey, by H.F.M. Prescott, Apollo ClassicsThe Council of Egypt, by Leonardo Sciascia, Apollo ClassicsThe Stone Angel, by Margaret LaurenceThe Day of Judgment, by Salvatore Satta, Apollo ClassicsHeaven's My Destination, by Thornton Wilder, Apollo Classics

The History of a Town, by M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, Apollo ClassicsThe Hungry Grass, by Richard Power, Apollo ClassicsThe Case of Charles Dexter Ward, by H.P. Lovecraft, Apollo ClassicsNow in November, by Josephine Johnson, Apollo ClassicsDelta Wedding, by Eudora Welty, Apollo ClassicsMy Son, My Son, by Howard Spring, Apollo ClassicsThe Lost Europeans, by Emanuel Litvinoff, Apollo Classics

The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones, by Charles Neider, Apollo ClassicsBosnian Chronicle, by Ivo Andric, Apollo ClassicsThe Man Who Loved Children, by Christina Stead, Apollo ClassicsThe Polyglots, by William GerhardieCompany K, by William MarchLangrishe, Go Down, by Aidan HigginsBlack Robe, by Brian Moore

OCR and typesetting
196–736pp, paperback, b-format, fiction

Breaking News, by Jeremy ThompsonNew State, Modern Statesman, by Roger Boyes and Suzy JaggerClean Brexit, by Liam Halligan and Gerard LyonsTheresa May, by Rosa Prince (2017 update)Reporting on Hitler, by Will WainewrightA United Ireland, by Kevin MeagherHow To Be A Police Officer, by Graham Wettone

The Bad Boys of Brexit, by Arron BanksSplashed! A Life From Print to Panorama, by Tom MangoldBlack Flag Down, by Liam ByrneImprisoned in India, by James TooleyGoodbye to Boleyn, by Pete MayThe Brexit Club, by Owen BennettVictoria Cross Heroes Volume II, by Michael Ashcroft

Fighting With Allies, by Robin RenwickThe New Philistines, by Sohrab AhmariCharity Sucks, by Iqbal WahhabCall Me Dave (update), by Michael Ashcroft and Isabel OakeshottOutside, Inside 2003-2006, Diaries Volume 5, by Alastair CampbellComrade Corbyn (update), by Rosa PrinceMy Stir Fried Life, by Ken Hom

Manxiety, by Dylan JonesPower and Pragmatism, by Malcolm RifkindThe Margaret Thatcher Colouring Book, by Nathan BrenvilleThe King Who Had To Go, by Adrian PhillipsPower and Glory, by Roger HowardPrime Minister Corbyn and other things that never happened, edited by Iain Dale and Duncan BrackMrs Keppel: Mistress to the King, by Tom Quinn

Scottish National Party Leaders, edited by James Mitchell and Gerry HassanThe Unknown Courier, The True Story of Operation Mincemeat, by Ian ColvinIt's A Jungle Out There, by Maureen LipmanWe Are Arrested: A Journalist’s Notes from a Turkish Prison, by Can DündarGrave Tidings: An anthology of famous last words, edited by Paul BerraGoodbye Pet & See You in Heaven: A Memoir of Animals, Love and Loss, by Bel MooneyThe Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics, edited by Lisa Nandy, Caroline Lucas and Chris Bowers

Well, You Did Ask... Why the UK voted to leave the EU, by Michael Ashcroft and Kevin CulwickMore Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box: Another 50 things you need to know about elections, edited by Philip Cowley and Robert FordThe Little Red Book Of Corbyn Joke, by Jason Sinclair and John RainThe Left's Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Anti-Semitism, by Dave RichForman's Games: The Dark Underside of the London Olympics, by Lance FormanI'm Not One To Gossip, But..., by John McEnteeAgainst The Grain, by Norman Baker

Becoming British, by Thom BrooksThe Best of Times, by Mark FieldBaggage of Empire, by Martin AdeneyHow to be a Spin Doctor, by Paul RichardsTakeover, by Rob Johns and James MitchellGoing Nowhere, by Joan RuddockLondon Rules, by Dylan Jones

'I Find That Offensive!', by Claire FoxThe Myth of Meritocracy, by James BloodworthFoley, by Michael SmithHarold Wilson, by Andrew Crines and Kevin HicksonHow to Be A Government Whip, by Helen JonesComrade Corbyn, by Rosa PrinceHow To Be A Civil Servant, by Martin Stanley

Credible and True, by K. Harvey ProctorResistance, by M.R.D. FootCall Me Dave, by Ashcroft and OakshottGuy Burgess, by Stewart Purvis and Jeff HulbertMilitant, by Michael CrickCoalition, by David LawsHow to win a Marginal Seat, by Gavin Barwell

Why the Tories WonHillary Rising, by James D BoysHammer of the Left, by John GoldingMy Way: Berlusconi in his own words, by Alan FriedmanEqual Ever After, by Lynne FeatherstoneThe Witchfinder General, by Joyce GouldLondon's Boroughs at 50, by Tony Travers

Presumed Guilty, by Simon WarrThe Cabinet Office 1916-2016, by Anthony SeldonBehind Diplomatic Lines, by Patrick R.H. WrightSomething Has Gone Wrong, by Steve Ramsey

Book design, typesetting and colour section work for Olivia Beattie
144–624pp, hardback / paperback, royal / demy / b-format, non-fiction

A Glimpse of Eternal Snows, by Jane Wilson-HowarthFakirs, Feluccas and Femmes Fatales, by E.T. LaingThe Two-Year Mountain, by Phil DeutschleSavannah Diaries, by Brian JackmanConnemara Mollie, by Hilary BradtUp The Creek, by John HarrisonThe Marsh Lions, by Brian Jackman

Book design, typesetting and colour section work for Rachel Fielding


Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Copenhagen, Edinburgh,
Florence, Hawaii, Hong Kong, London, Miami, Milan, New York, Paris, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Rome,
San Francisco, St Petersburg, Seville, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Valencia, Venice,
Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, Washington DC
Edited by Clémence Jacquinet
48-60pp, Random House

and full-size guides for: Croatia, Mexico, Paris, Quebec, St Petersburg, England & Wales
Edited by Clémence Jacquinet
200-400pp, Knopf/Everyman/Random House


New YorkBerlinVeniceMarrakeshTokyoVilniusFlorence

BangkokSydneyChicagoSingaporeCopenhagenKrakowLas Vegas and Grand Canyon

BudapestHong KongMilanWashington DCBrusselsNaplesMunich
IstanbulMiamiRio de JaneiroHawaiiEdinburghBeijing

  Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast  Mexico  St Petersburg  England & Wales  Paris


Beijing, Central Asia, China, Ireland, Malta, Manhattan, Prague, Rome etc. Various destinations except Bali. :)
Scanning, maps, image preparation, layout and typesetting for Rachel Fielding, Linda McQueen and Dominique Shead
100-300pp, paperback

Cadogan Guide to MaltaCadogan Guide to Prague and BudapestCadogan Guide to St PetersburgCadogan Guide to ManhattanCadogan Guide to LondonCadogan Guide to RomeCadogan Guide to Rome and the Heart of Italy
Cadogan Guide to Rome, Padua and AssisiCadogan Guide to Rome, Naples and SorrentoCadogan Guide to BeijingCadogan Guide to Southwest IrelandCadogan Guide to China, the Silk RoutesCadogan Guide to Portugal, the AlgarveCadogan Guide to Ireland


John Wiley / Whurr Publishers / Centaur Media / GowerAshgate
Mixed technical, academic and professional books and newsletters
Layout, design, colour work and typesetting

New Media Age, Centaur MediaThe War Hotel, by Arlene AudergonParkinson's Disease, ed. Lesley SwinnExcessive Crying in Infancy, by Tony LongPsyche, Self and SoulPhysiotherapy, by Nicole GlasseyAbuse, by Moira Walker

Brand Strategy, Centaur NewslettersThe Perversion of LossChronic Disease NursingSchizophrenia, Aspects of Care, by Sue KerrIntroduction to Breast CarePsychotherapy and CounsellingFinancial Games for Training, by John Kind

Fundamental Nursing SkillsA Language for PsychosisBowel CancerReflections on Spirituality and HealthPrimary Care Trust Workforce Planning and DevelopmentManual of Sexually Transmitted InfectionsAnxiety Management in Adult Day Surgery


Scutari Press / RCN Publishing Company

Production Editor on academic and professional books and newsletters for the nursing and allied healthcare professions
Commissioning editors, designers, typesetters and print buying, plus the introduction of DTP using QuarkXPress

Promoting HealthHealth Visiting in FocusICN: Past and PresentNursing and Health Care ResearchTranscultural NursingClinical Audit for Nurses and TherapistsUrological Nursing

The Practitioner as TeacherSelf-Administration of DrugsManaging Nursing WorkResearch for NursingWorking and LearningNotes on Nursing

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